Is your LAN ready for tomorrow’s challenges?  Tellabs Optical LAN outperforms copper-based LANs with better technology.  It’s Simple, Stable, Scalable, Secure, Sustainable and Saves you Money!

Simple — Optical LAN simplifies high performance networks by requiring less equipment and cabling to purchase, power, manage, and maintain. A central management system facilitates moves/adds/changes (MAC) and enables the convergence of services, dramatically simplifying operations.

Stable — Fiber based LANs provide 99.999% availability (under 5 minutes down time per year). Redundancy options are also available for the equipment and optical distribution network, increasing system availability beyond “five nines”.  Ultimately, you gain the stability of a future-proof cabling infrastructure that has no planned obsolescence.

Scalable — Optical LANs deliver better gigabit Ethernet capacity/density at the equipment and across the fiber cabling. Scalability is supported by centrally managed systems and graceful migration to future technologies.  Passive Optical LAN enables the elimination of communication closets, freeing up valuable space for revenue generating purposes.

Secure — Fiber cable is more secure, radiating no EMI/RFI and providing advanced AES-128 bit encryption. The Optical LAN OLT and ONTs also provide a new level of increased security for enterprise networks. For the ultimate in high security networks, All- Secure PON® provides armored, alarmed, and 24/7/365 “smart” infrastructure monitoring.

Sustainable — Optical LAN consumes less power, less thermals, less material, less plastic and has a rippling effect across the entire building. These benefits apply to sustainability initiatives such as local/state/fed programs, USGBC LEED, Green-Globe, DOE Energy Star and TIA STEP.

Tellabs productsTellabs 1100 Enterprises OLT Platform –Tellabs-1150_1150E_1134-OLTs

Comprised of the high-density Tellabs 1150E OLT and medium density Tellabs 1134 OLT. A carrier-class GPON solution delivering up to 2.4 Gbps of data, voice and video to the end-user. Interface(s) to the network include 1G and 10G Ethernet uplinks. The Tellabs 1150 Optical Enterprise OLT supports over 8,000 end-user Ethernet ports in a 9-rack unit space (11-rack units with fans).

Tellabs 120W (In-Wall) and 120C (Cubicle) Mini ONTs – Tellabs-120W_120C-ONTs

The Tellabs® 100-Series ONTs offer a revolutionary new level of deployment efficiency and simplicity, further reducing the total cost of deployment of Optical LAN solutions. This new generation of ONTs are deployed fully integrated into the office environment; either in-wall, integrated into office furniture, or in a stand-alone mini package. Soon, with a full suite of expansion modules, users can enjoy WiFi wireless, CATV, secure VoIP, HPNA, Zigbee, additional Gigabit Ethernet ports and POTS services in a compact and efficient package.

Tellabs 700 Series Optical Network Terminals – Tellabs 709GP ONT – Tellabs 705GR ONT – Tellabs 728_729GP Closet ONTs 

The Tellabs® 700 Series ONTs provide interfaces for multiple densities of POTS, Gigabit Ethernet and both IPTV and RF video. The ONTs also provide integrated Analog Terminal Adapters (ATA) so that both SIP-based and traditional analog phones can be used at the desktop in a VoIP environment. Models with Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities on all ports comply with IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at PoE /PoE+ specifications and can be provisioned on a per-port basis. Once provisioned, the port auto-senses the need for sourcing.

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